The Value In Early Planning

Farming is the only business in the world that resets itself every year. Your plans, your goals, and even the products you use vary every year. As with any other occupation, when you go to start a new business you need to make sure you have a plan. The earlier you have a plan, the more time you have to research, perfect, and finalize it. That’s one reason why I always encourage all growers to lay out their goals and plans as early as they can. (Yes, even before harvest is over!) Low commodity prices are all the more reason to start your plan today. If you don’t know what you spend per acre, how can you market grain to ensure you make a profit? You need to break it down as simply as you can and find your break even point. If you can’t find COG’s sheet, email me and I will send you one I created.

Every company is talking about the many different herbicide tolerant beans coming down the line. One thing that has Axis Seed excited is the identification of the Rsp11 gene. This gene controls the resistance to phytophthora which causes over $250 million in yield loss due to stem and root rots. Dow AgroSciences and Purdue researchers have already started to look into rapidly incorporating it through traditional breeding techniques into elite soybean varieties.


Harvest is a busy time of the year. There is a lot of equipment on the road. Encourage everyone you know to stay off their phones and slow down.




William Mueth

Axis Complete Inc.


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Sep, 15, 2017