Cold Germ & Seedling Vigor

With the weather cooling down and harvest nearing the final stretch, it finally feels like fall here in Southern Illinois. With fall comes the evaluation of how your farm did this year and making plans for next year. Placing the right product on the right acre is the first step to maxing your field’s yield.

After you have your farm mapped out and the plan in place, what can you do to make sure it gets off to best start? The answer is cold germ! Cold germ isn’t just a plants ability to grow out of cold soils, but is a direct measure of the plants early season vigor. The higher the cold germ, the higher the number of plants per acre, the more even the emergence, and the more even the height of those plants. Uneven emergence or plant height will cause yield loss for the entire growing season.

So why aren’t more companies talking about their cold germ scores? Axis Seed has the highest cold germ standard in the industry. We believe that each farmer deserves only the top quality and performing seed and it shouldn’t be left up to chance. If your plant doesn’t get off to the best start, it won’t be able to reach its full potential. At Axis Seed we refuse to sell at a lower standard to help a company’s bottom line. Our only focus is providing the best, personalized option for your farm.

Cold germ is just one area where Axis Seed is changing the standard in Southern Illinois. Contact us to learn about other ways.


William Mueth

Axis Seed


Oct, 17, 2017